Welcome back!

Here we go! Let’s have a great end of the school push!



7th graders, you are about to finish your Fireworks lessons and will soon create an assessment showcasing all your skills. You’ll start learning about copyright, and your new blogs are ready for you to set them up. Lots to do!

8th Grade Tech, you’ll be working on your Thinglinks the first week, then we’ll move into projects that will help you get ready for high school!

Yearbook, congratulations, we did it! We’ll be reflecting this week, then we’ll work on projects similar to the 8th Grade Tech class. High school is around the corner, let’s finish 8th grade as the fantastic students I know you are!

(By the way, I had fun creating the graphic above using the Recite This website.)

Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year

Welcome, 7th graders! This webpage is your technology home page.

Most of your online assignments start here!

Very soon you will also have your own blog that you can access from this page. I’m looking forward to a fantastic Trimester 1!


 Welcome back, 8th graders! Some of you will be in Yearbook, some of you will be in 8th Grade Tech. Either way, you will be with me all year, and we will still use this website as our starting point. Good to have you back!

Welcome to LMS Tech, Fall 2010!



You are in LMS Tech this semester. My name is Mrs. Ilgunas, and this is our class blog.

Here you can find links, directions, ideas, AND eventually a link to your own website.

If you would like to see blogs from last year, click here to get an idea of what you will be creating. We use your blog as a showcase of your hard work.