Finished? Try these!



You may choose any of the activities below…

Activity 1

Practice your embedding skills… pick a good video and embed it in a new post! Tell us why you chose that particular video.

If you are a student who picks a video within the first 10 minutes, then challenge yourself to find a similar story at one of the other websites and embed that too!

Embed a video from one of these sources:

1)    TED Talk:  (look for “Embed”)

2)    ABC News video:   Look for this symbol: <>

3)    CBS News video:  Click on “share”

4)    Travel Channel Videos:

5)    PBS Nova Videos:

6)    PBS Nature Videos:

B) Add  a title to go with it in the same post:

Activity 2

Create business cards. Get the white instructions from Table 3.

Need ideas? Try this link:

Activity 3

Learning Prezi

What you have to do:

Go to and register (If you’re already registered, log in). When it asks for your last name, write “Lennox.”

Play with it first. Click on the “Explore” tab and try some of the Prezis, then the “Learn” tab which teaches you how to create one (call if you need to watch the YouTube video-if I am not in school, then you’ll have to wait until the next day…just try to create without the video, see if you can figure it out).

Create a practice Prezi where you write lyrics from a song and add some pictures (or words from a poem, or text from a news story). This should take maybe 2 class periods. Share your practice one with me (there’s a share button under the presentation window).

This is a project you work on in your spare time…you’re probably someone who finishes fast, so here’s a project to have fun with.