Results of Survey #2

Well, it is all over.

The Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat 4 games to 2.

Wow, the underdogs won. 21 of you guessed right!


Well, this result has definitely changed. 21 students thinks the “Mavs” will win, and 26 are still rooting for the Heat.


Most of you still believe the final score will be 4-2, second place: 4-3.  You were right if you guessed 4-2.


LeBron still has the most votes (although less than for the first survey). “I don’t know” still comes in second. Both Dirk and Dwayne are still tied with 7 votes each.

And the MVP winner is…Dirk Nowitzki!! 7 of you were right!

NBA Finals — Survey Results!

Here are the results of our survey last week.

1) graph1

25% believe the Mavericks will win and 76% believe the Heat will win.

2) Graph2

44% believe that the score will be 4-2; 32% believe the series will go

to 7 games: 4-3.

3) Graph3

The vast majority, 56%, believe that LeBron James will win MVP. We shall see!

Sorry, Dwyane, I spelled your name wrong.

According to this survey, P1, P2 and P6 are heavily in favor of the Miami Heat!