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After some hotter than summer days, we are back to more normal weather. However, people living from the midwest United States to the east are dealing with FREEZING weather. Can you even imagine having to:

  • Scrape ice off your car windshield every morning
  • Dig your car out from under several feel of snow every morning
  • Having busses not running because there’s too much snow on the road
  • Getting dressed every day with hat, boots, mittens, scarf, and jacket
  • Not losing your hat, boots, mittens, scarf and jacket at school
  • Having your pipes freeze, then burst at home so you’re without water!
  • Being stuck in your house since it’s not safe to go out.
  • Trying to avoid having icicles fall on you.
  • Trying not to slip and break a bone as you walk on icy sidewalks
  • Shoveling snow off your roof so your roof doesn’t collapse!

We are spoiled!


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Pick one of these topics to find out some info and photos about. Create a new PowerPoint, and show us some of what people are dealing with!

Here are some places to look, or just Google “Snowmageddon 2015”

17 Photos of U.S. Record Breaking Snow

Snow & Ice Photos from Weather.com

What Record-Breaking Snow Really Looks Like

Unreal Photos of New England Buried in Snow

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In the news:


Buffalo, New York was BURIED with snow this week.

Click here to see photos from The Boston Globe.

Click here to see BBC photos.

Image above from Flickr