Interesting Sites

In case you happen by LMS Tech during the summer, I will put links to interesting websites I find as I’m wandering the Internet on my break!


I’m going to add the newest ones to the top!

5 moons! Around a dwarf planet! Scientists are glad they discovered it since the New Horizons Spacecraft is halfway to Pluto (a crash into an unknown moon would not have been a good thing).


Older links:

1) The Wellcome Image Awards 2012

These awards are given for scientific photography taken of microscopic parts of plants, animals and humans.  Interesting!

2) Derecho Storm images

A “Land hurricane” or derecho storm hit the Midwest, Virginia and Washington D.C. areas the week of June 29.
3) Fourth of July photos!

4) Olympics Article: In First for Olympics, Amputee Will Run

A South African runner qualified for two events in the Olympics…but this runner lost his lower legs when he was a baby. Some people say that he has an unfair advantage racing with his prosthetic legs. What do you think?

5) The Newest Laker So what do you think about Steve Nash?



photo credit: JoshuaDavisPhotography via photo pin cc

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Your research post

This is what you will be graded on for your research post.

1) Your research question is your title.

2) Paragraph 1–explain the answer to your question…what did you learn?

  • Introductory sentence. Here are some samples to help you get started, but also feel free to use your own…
    • The results of my research indicate…
    • I have found that….
  • Write details (3-5 sentences) that explain what you learned, in other words, the answer to your research question. You may want to use phrases like:
    • One of my resources stated…
    • One fact I learned was…
    • Another important idea was…
  • An ending sentence to this paragraph. Ideas:
    • In conclusion, the answer to my research question is…
    • The results of my research indicate…

3) Paragraph 2: Your opinion

  • This paragraph should start with your opinion about what you learned. Examples:
    • I believe that…
    • In my opinion…
  • Give reasons for your opinion, use your research as evidence. You may suggest solutions to the problem, or talk about how a new discovery could affect our world. (2-3 sentences)
  • Write a conclusion. Your conclusion for this post should be a question for your audience. Samples:
    • I have given a possible solution to the problem of…… Do you have any other ideas?
    • My belief is that….. Do you agree or disagree?
    • In conclusion, I believe that this technology will…. Can you see any other future implications?

When you are finished, you need to add your bibliography using either Son of Citation Machine or EasyBib