First Post Directions

Download the directions by clicking on this link:   Your First Post Instructions – Click!  

If you don’t see anything, go Window to Downloads and you’ll see it (Safari).

Just double click the PowerPoint icon.  I don’t think you need to save it in your server.

Your writing choices are:

  1. Top 10 Dream Jobs – link for ideas:
  2. Top 10 Vacation Spots
  3. To 10 people you would like to meet


I always thought it would be fun to be a photographer!

Image link:

Research Project

Research a new technology.

    Create a graphic that demonstrates your topic.

         Blog about the technology (3 choices below).

Create a commercial about your technology.

using iMovie or Animoto .

1) Decide on your topic.

2) Create a Fireworks graphic to put in your blog post.

Once you finish your Fireworks graphic, you are ready to get the Fishbone graphic organizer from me.

When you finish the Fishbone, show it to me and then…

1) Write your first paragraph explaining the technology you chose. When you finish, you need to link the title of the article to the webpage it came from. Watch this video for directions:
Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.
2) Write your second paragraph.

Possible topics:

* Compare two technologies and decide which will have more impact.
* Research one technology- how will it cause impact now?
* Research one technology– Envision our future 10 years from now.
                   For all 3, use evidence from your research to support your hypothesis.

When you finish, PUBLISH!

3) Ask me for the directions for the bibliography (we’ll use This will go at the end of your blog post, underneath your paragraphs.




These are websites to help you get started. You may also search for what you are interested in.

Websites covering technology in many different fields:

Gizmag – Gizmag covers invention, innovation and emerging technologies in all fields

iTechFuture – Future technologies, gadgets, devices, green technology and more

Wired – Daily technology news

ScienceDaily – Updated several times a day with breaking news and feature articles, seven days a week, the site covers discoveries in all fields of the physical, biological, earth and applied sciences (medicine, health, brain, plants, animals, earth, climate, energy, computers, math, fossils, ruins) – From Discovery, resources for science, robotics, space, computing, communications, neuroscience – A wide variety of technologies, including gaming, smartphones, smart houses, and tons more!

PBS Technology –  News articles about new technologies

BBC News/Technology – Technology news- worldwide

 Specialized webpages:

Green Technologies (cars, solar, wind, etc.) – CNET Green Tech and

Medical Technology Links – ScienceDaily

Space Technology – NASA Technology

Sports Technology – Popular Mechanics Sports Science 

Future Technologies – Ideas that Could Change the World

Once you know your topic, narrow it down to one question.

Make sure you put these URLs in your server:

-Your article    -Images you may want to use

Create a graphic demonstrating how you narrowed your topic down. Example:


Your Blog Post

First, you will write your top ten list. For example, if I was writing the top ten pets, I would start like this:

1. Dogs

2. Cats

3. Birds

When you get to 10, you’ll got to Stock.xchng and find an image that goes well with your post.

Drag it to your desktop, then read the emails to learn how to add the image to your post.

Don’t forget to LINK to your image!



Your Fireworks Test Post

This is how your Fireworks Test post will be graded:

1) Your test is on your blog, and we can see the URL (or URLs) that you used in your creation.

2) You wrote a paragraph (at least 5 sentences) as if the test is the cover of a book…you are introducing the story to us. Hint at what the story is about, write like an author!

Early example–Read Eduardo’s

Let’s talk about copyright…


For the last two days, we’ve been talking about copyright. I was very impressed with your posters and presentations yesterday! As a follow up, I’d like your next blog post to be about copyright. Pick at least one of the questions below to discuss on your blog. Then choose an image to go with it.

1. Should the old rules of copyright change? Why or why not?

2. How much are YOU willing to share your own creative work? Explain how much you’d be willing to share (a drawing? a song? a perfomance? a book?).

3. Do you think companies should share a little more, or should they protect their products? What would be the pros or cons of a company taking off copyright protection and allowing you to adapt their work?

4. Do you have any experiences with being asked to remove copyrighted work? From which website?

*Include an image from Stock.xchng (search for something that can be copyrighted…ex. music, book, etc.). Don’t take the thumbnail, use the larger copy.

Copy and include the URL from the page where you found your image.

Make the URL a link:


  1. Copy the URL.
  2. Paste it in your post.
  3. Highlight your URL, and choose the link tool: linkpic
  4. Paste your URL into the first box (right over the highlighted part): insertlinkpic

Remembering our soldiers…

The Los Angeles Times has a new section on the Iraq War called California War Dead. It’s a database of soldiers who died in the line of duty since 2001. As a way of honoring our California soldiers’ service for us, I’d like you all to do this:

1) Pick a soldier from the website. Read about him or her…there may be quotations from friends and family. Click on “Times Obituary” to get more detailed information about his/her life.

2) In your blog, tell us your soldier’s story. We’ll start with something like: “The soldier I honor this Memorial Day is ________________.”

  • Name, age, date of death, place of death
  • Did he or she have a family?
  • What was the person like?
  • What were the circumstances under which he/she died?
  • Write at least five words that you think represent the life of your soldier.
  • Include a link to the page you used on the Los Angeles Times.

3) In your server, make a folder for pictures & photos you’ll collect.

4) In stock.xchg, collect 10 images to represent your soldier, save them in your server. Don’t get the thumbnail copy of the image, make sure you use the larger size. **Also copy each image’s url and either paste into the end of your blog, or into Word.

5) Register at

  • Upload your 7 favorite images…Click on the first image, Shift-click on the last, and upload all at once. This will take awhile, so give yourself some time here!
  • Add a title, and text boxes with your descriptive words (you can combine the words into 1 or 2 text boxes). Altogether, with text and images, you should have 10 frames.
  • Choose a song you think goes well with your soldier’s story.
  • Remember, don’t add your last name.

6) Embed the Animoto video in your blog. Directions:

  • Click on the “Post/Embed” icon.
  • Click on “Embed.”
  • Click the MySpace icon and copy the code.
  • In your blog, click on HTML. Scroll down and click where you want the video, then paste.
  • Save.

8) Have you used spell check?

9) Make sure the links to your 7 images are at the end.

10) Publish.