Can you live on Mars?


Hey past students, just in case you come by…

Over the summer I read the book The Martian by Andy Weir, I couldn’t put it down. Here’s a link to an infographic about How We’ll Live on Mars – interesting facts!


The movie will be released on Oct. 2nd, and the best part, I believe, is how realistic Andy Weir (the author) was in his depiction of how to live on Mars…here are a few articles:

One from CBC News, one from Comic Book Resources, and one from The Verge  (and how a NASA astronaut recommends it!)

Here’s one of the trailers:

Presentation Resources

As you already know, we are using Google Images to search for images to use in your presentation. If you want additional resources for images, here they are:

1) Olympics 2012: New York Times Photos

2) Mars Curiosity Rover-information and images:  JPL’s Mars Site

3) Election websites: President Obama     Governor Romney

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