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July 25: Soccer competition has started. The U.S. women played France today.

Here is another good website with Olympic news: BBC London 2012

July 23: The London Olympic Games opens on Friday. Here’s one site where you can follow what is happening:

New York Times Olympics

Official website of the London Olympics For the next few days you can watch the torch relay live!

The U.S. section of the official website



July 23: Infographic: Mapquest uses its data to create a summertime travel infographic (via Daily Infographic)

July 22: Our thoughts are with the families in Colorado.

July 19: I took this image at Hermosa Beach! What a beautiful day.

However, today’s website takes a look at areas that the sun is baking this summer. This interactive map from NPR shows the areas of the United States that are in drought, where food crops are dying. This will effect YOU next year (food prices will go up). Scroll down to “Watch The U.S. Dry Out, Jan. 2011 to Now” and press play to see the situation we are in right now.


Here are some photos of the drought.



Happy New Year! 3 weeks. 4 things to do.

Research a new technology.

Create a graphic showing how you narrowed your topic.

Blog about the technology (3 choices below).

Create an iMovie or Animoto that demonstrates your hypothesis.

Possible topics:

Research a new technology, and explain how you believe it will either change the industry (or our world). Use evidence from your research to support your hypothesis.

Research a new technology, and look to the future. What could this technology lead to in the next 10 years? Envision your future. Use evidence from your research to support your hypothesis.

Compare two similar technologies, and explain which technology you believe will have more impact on its industry or our lives. Use evidence to support your hypothesis.

These are websites to help you get started. You may also search for what you are interested in.

Websites covering technology in many different fields:

Gizmag – Gizmag covers invention, innovation and emerging technologies in all fields

iTechFutureFuture technologies, gadgets, devices, green technology and more

WiredDaily technology news

ScienceDaily – Updated several times a day with breaking news and feature articles, seven days a week, the site covers discoveries in all fields of the physical, biological, earth and applied sciences (medicine, health, brain, plants, animals, earth, climate, energy, computers, math, fossils, ruins)

Curiosity.comFrom Discovery, resources for science, robotics, space, computing, communications, neuroscience

Geek.comA wide variety of technologies, including gaming, smartphones, smart houses, and tons more!

PBS Technology –  News articles about new technologies

BBC News/Technology – Technology news- worldwide

 Specialized webpages:

Green Technologies (cars, solar, wind, etc.) – CNET Green Tech and

Medical Technology LinksScienceDaily

Space TechnologyNASA Technology

Sports TechnologyPopular Mechanics Sports Science 

Future Technologies – Ideas that Could Change the World

Once you know your topic, narrow it down to one question.


Create a graphic demonstrating how you narrowed your topic down. Example:


Sample paragraph 1:

In medical school, students use cadavers to learn about the body. However, sometimes cadavers are in poor shape, or are missing organs. Last month, students at the New York University School of Medicine tested a virtual body wearing 3D glasses made by Nvidia, which allowed them to explore and operate on a body without using a cadaver. The article, “The Virtual Anatomy, Ready for Dissection,” by Natasha Singer, explains how some doctors are excited about the new 3D technology to supplement the use of cadavers. One doctor said, “It’s like a living digital textbook.”

Sample paragraph 2 for a comparison of your technology to something else:

In my opinion, using the Virtual 3D Body is a great improvement compared to how medical students now learn about the human body. One problem with only using cadavers is that not all bodies are in good shape. One student reported that she had a hard time because her cadaver was  missing its appendix, spleen and right lung. That makes it difficult to complete your education! I believe that the Virtual 3D Body ensures a quality education for our medical students.

Sample paragraph 2 for the technology’s impact now: 

The Virtual 3D Body will revolutionize education of medical students. Soon every medical school will use a combination of cadavers and virtual software. One doctor said, “It’s an amazing blend of one of the oldest medical education techniques and the absolute newest.” There will be less need for cadavers, and students will be better prepared for surgery on a real person since the Virtual 3D body simulates a live person. I believe that the Virtual 3D Body is going to completely change and improve education in medical schools.

Sample paragraph 2 for 10 years in the future:

This Virtual 3D Body technology means exciting developments for our future. The developer calls it “…a Google Earth for the human body.” I wonder if ten years from now, this technology could advance even further. I imagine a time when I go to the doctor and tell him or her that my leg is really bothering me. The doctor would scan my leg, then virtually go in and figure out what is wrong, practicing the surgery and running into unforeseen problems before the real surgery. Then the real surgery would be easy and mistake-free! In my opinion, the Virtual 3D Body is exciting, not only for medical students, but for the future of medicine and surgery.



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