Welcome Back!

I hope you had a wonderful vacation. Here are the things you should work on  for Monday, April 15th.

1) Check your grades.

2) If you haven’t finished your blog post ask for instructions. Here’s a list of who should work on this:

Period 1: Carlos, Daisy, Jocelyn, Leonardo, Paul

Period 2: Abraham, Alexandra, Anthony, Bianca, Clara, Diego, Emely, Gerry, Isaiah, Isidro, Jasmyn, Jason, Jeffrey, Jennifer, Jose, Mark, Ruby, Saul

Period 3: Alex, Aroldo (picture missing), Bridget, Dana, Elvia, Jasmine G., Jennifer, Leilani,  Kevin (picture missing), Leslie, Melanie, Michelle, Salvador, Sanie, Shirley, Sophie & William

Period 4: Adrian, Allen, Alexia, Cesar, Daniel, Destany, Efrain, Guadalupe, Jesus, Lidia, Lucio, Manuel M., Marlene, Maya, Paola, Valerie

Period 5: Yearbook…read your email to see what I want you to do.

Period 6: You will be finishing up  your Fireworks Tests; please turn them in to Edmodo if you finish.

3) If you are ALL finished, you have two choices:

a) Create a header for our blog. Size: 760 width, 200 height

It should say “LMS Tech” or “LMS Technology,” with some kind of design.

b) If you prefer, you may work on a lesson. If you have finished up to Lesson 7 part 1, 2, and 3, then check your email. Remember Lesson 7 part 3 is to find a “Copyright OK” image, duplicate it once, and recolor EVERYTHING in the image. This will go on your blog.


Entre el Cielo y la Tierra
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Marco Vianna via Compfight

Last Three Days


As you finish up, make sure that on your blog I’ll be able to see:

1-Your research blog post with your Animoto and bibliography (resources). Have I edited your post?

2-You Lesson 2 animation on your blog.

If you are finished, here are a few things to choose from:

>Continue working on Flash.

>Create a holiday Flash (snow snowing, lights twinkling) and add it to your blog for credit.

Sample 1 by Ashley: Click here

Sample 2 by Alex: Click here

Sample 3 by Stephany: Click here

>Create a holiday Fireworks design and put it on your blog.

>Create a blog header for me. There are three possible blog headers you could create:

1-For the tech blog: make it  760 x 190 pixels.

2- For my Language Arts class: make it 736 x 200 pixels

3- For my LMU class (I teach teachers to use technology): make it 900 x 180 pixels

Continue your hard work! We’re almost there!

Welcome to LMS Tech!

I’m Mrs. Ilgunas, and I’m excited to introduce you to the second year of the LMS Tech Blogs! This blog is our central space for discussions and instructions, whether it’s for Fireworks, Flash, or our blogs. The links you see on the right for each period, are empty right now, but soon you will see your names and links to your own blogs.

The “header” (or image at the top of the page) for this blog was designed by a student from last year’s class. I hope that soon I’ll be featuring your designs in the header. Be ready to work hard and enjoy this class.


Blog Challenge

You are about to go on vacation, congratulations! If you have turned in Lesson 9, let’s see if you can create a design to replace the header on this blog (the photo). It’s a peaceful picture, but I’d rather have something related to what we do. We can’t put your faces, but I’ve placed some photos to work with in our Shared folder (“Blog Header Contest” folder).

Create a document in Fireworks and make it 760 pixels for the width, and 190 pixels for the height. Use any of the Fireworks skills you’d like (but we won’t be able to animate it). Don’t write any names on it either. You can turn it in to the “Blog Header Contest” folder. Once we have a few entries we can vote on the one we want.