Leaving Comments



Remember the guidelines for leaving comments:

Be Safe.

Be Literate.

Be Positive and Polite.

When you finish leaving comments, don’t forget to approve comments left on your blog. You may reply if you like.

Thank you to Miss T’s Blog for the commenting guidelines.


Websites with animated holiday clipart you can add to your blog:

Christmas Graphics Plus


Animation Playhouse

Christmas Graphics

 Free Multimedia Clipart

Free Animations

Or you can search for your own… “Animated Christmas free graphics”

If you have time, see what you can find at this link: Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa Links

Fireworks Tests – time to comment!

You have finished your wonderful creations that incorporate all you learned in Fireworks during Quarter 3. They are fantastic!

Our next task is to leave positive comments for each other. Click above on P1, P2, or P6 and tell your classmates what is great about their designs and blog posts.


-Be safe: first name only

-Be literate.

-Be positive, polite and specific.

(These guideline from: http://mistea.edublogs.org/our-blogging-guidelines/)

Enjoy each others’ hard work.