Your Fireworks Assessment

It is time for your Fireworks assessment!! Woo Hoo!

Your objective is to design either a book cover or an environmental poster that demonstrates everything you’ve learned from Lessons 1 through 6.

I’m looking forward to your creations!

Don’t forget to follow COPYRIGHT LAW as you design. That means:

  1. In Google Images, you must use the Search Tools. Usage rights: Noncommercial with Modification
  2. In Flickr, under License, choose Modifications Allowed.
  3. You can always use any of the websites you see on the right under “#2 Copyright OK Images/Music (Pixabay, NASA, Find Icons, Stockvault and Wikipedia are always good ones).


Source  - IX
Photo Credit: Hartwig HKD via Compfight

Inspired by Sochi

FW Word art


After reading MANY stories about athletes at Sochi who have worked so hard to just get to the games, let alone win a medal, I made the graphic above in Fireworks. Some of the stories (just some) include:

Andrew Weibrecht & Bode Miller – Super G

Sage Kotsenburg  and Jamie Anderson– Slopestyle

Ice Dancing Rivalry (how both pairs improved each competition

Inspiring Moments from the Sochi Games – Washington Post

As you can imagine (being your teacher), I believe that you can apply these same ideals to whatever you do, whether it’s school, sports, music, writing…whatever aspect of your life you can imagine!

Also interesting: Practice Makes Perfect Infographic


You can make a similar graphic in Fireworks! (And yes, there are some websites like Wordle that make it a snap), however, you can make it yourself! Steps?

Draw a shape. Add your text. Use the scale, skew and distort tools to make your text fit.

If your shape has curves, use the Vector Path tool (look under the Pen Tool) to draw the curve, then attach your text to that path.

Once your text follows your shape, take off the stroke!



Visualize a quotation

Objective: Use Fireworks—images, drawings, and color to help us visualize a quotation’s meaning.

Standards: Visual and Performing ArtsAnalyze and justify how their artistic choices contribute to the expressive quality of their own works of art.  Technology: Creativity and Innovation–create original works as a means of personal expression.

Pick one of the quotations on the handout (it should mean something to you!).

Create a visual representation of the quotation. Requirements:

-Use your imagination.

-The quotation and author should be on the drawing somewhere.

Color is important: fill you creation with some kind of color. If you leave blank space, only do so if it adds to your artwork.

-Images you use must be copyright “ok”.

If you finish:

  • Create a new post on your blog
  • Upload the image you created
  • Include the URL links
  • Explain your creation!
  • Tags, category & publish!

My Images:

iMovie Portfolios – Great work!

I have been very impressed with your first use of iMovie! Your portfolios are looking fantastic. We’ll use those iMovie skills in a project you’ll start in two weeks.

For now, get ready for your CSTs! In technology you’ll have some projects to work on, all should be finished at the end of two weeks: a blog post (science article), a grades analysis, a Fireworks lesson and responding to Yearbook student surveys.
Lines of a wave I
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: somebody_ via Compfight

For your blog post...
Read about a recent scientific development or discovery. Report about your findings in a blog post. Either embed a Voki or an Animoto video (see examples below) to illustrate the main idea of what you learned from the article.

Here are some websites to look for your article:

Live Science

NASA News (space)

BBC Science & Environment


National Science Foundation Discoveries

Make sure you keep the URL of your article. Below are the websites you’ll use to embed the main idea in your blog post. See the handout for what you should include in your post.


Animoto – Images must be “copyright OK!”

Make your own slide show at Animoto.


Welcome Back!

I hope you had a wonderful vacation. Here are the things you should work on  for Monday, April 15th.

1) Check your grades.

2) If you haven’t finished your blog post ask for instructions. Here’s a list of who should work on this:

Period 1: Carlos, Daisy, Jocelyn, Leonardo, Paul

Period 2: Abraham, Alexandra, Anthony, Bianca, Clara, Diego, Emely, Gerry, Isaiah, Isidro, Jasmyn, Jason, Jeffrey, Jennifer, Jose, Mark, Ruby, Saul

Period 3: Alex, Aroldo (picture missing), Bridget, Dana, Elvia, Jasmine G., Jennifer, Leilani,  Kevin (picture missing), Leslie, Melanie, Michelle, Salvador, Sanie, Shirley, Sophie & William

Period 4: Adrian, Allen, Alexia, Cesar, Daniel, Destany, Efrain, Guadalupe, Jesus, Lidia, Lucio, Manuel M., Marlene, Maya, Paola, Valerie

Period 5: Yearbook…read your email to see what I want you to do.

Period 6: You will be finishing up  your Fireworks Tests; please turn them in to Edmodo if you finish.

3) If you are ALL finished, you have two choices:

a) Create a header for our blog. Size: 760 width, 200 height

It should say “LMS Tech” or “LMS Technology,” with some kind of design.

b) If you prefer, you may work on a lesson. If you have finished up to Lesson 7 part 1, 2, and 3, then check your email. Remember Lesson 7 part 3 is to find a “Copyright OK” image, duplicate it once, and recolor EVERYTHING in the image. This will go on your blog.


Entre el Cielo y la Tierra
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Marco Vianna via Compfight