Look into the Future…

Photo Credit: Ian T. McFarland via Compfight

1) Research a new technology. Use one of these websites to get you started:

2) Create a 30 second commercial advertising your technology using Movie Maker or Animotocall me if you want to use Animoto, and I’ll get you a student account.

  • Use one of the 6 advertising techniques.

  • Include a slogan.
  • Collect the URLs of the images you use.

  • Add music!

  • When you finish your commercial, get the instructions from me in order to embed it in your blog.


3. If we don’t run out of time… blog about the technology.

  • Explain which advertising technique you used for your commercial. How are you trying to sell your product? This needs to be a full paragraph, so give details!
  • When you finish, you need to link the title of the article to the webpage it came from. Watch this video for directions:



This one is not a commercial, but it shows you what Animoto can do. Remember, ask me to make you a new account if you want this option!!

Crazy Valentine

Using Excel to create a Grades Chart

Let’s take a look at your grades!

Log in to PowerSchool Student and see how you’re doing.

Day 1: You’ll create your chart. To do this you’ll have to open Microsoft Excel and set it up like this (but put today’s date):

Next, click anywhere within your data, and choose Chart:

Take time to customize your chart, changing the background colors, bar or line colors, changing the font, etc. One last thing, don’t forget to give your chart a title:

That’s all for Day 1.  Save it and work on your Fireworks. Tomorrow we’ll be analyzing your grades.


7th Grade Research Project

Remember, be creative!

Change the slide master so you can use your favorite fonts & colors! (View to Master to Slide Master)

Directions for using an image/photo as your background:

1) Format to Slide Background

2) Click on the bar and choose “Fill Effects.”

3) Click on “Picture,” then “Select Picture.” Once you’ve selected it, click OK.

4) Put a checkmark on “Omit Background Graphics” and then click “Apply.”

Uploading your .swf animation

1) Open Lesson 2, go to Scene 2 (“Cartoon by”) and remove your last name from your project.

2) “Save As” again to your folder…call it your first name + period #, ex., Brian1 or Cathya5. (This avoids files with the same name which caused us problems in period 1.)

3) In Flash, go “Control” to “Test Movie.” This creates your .swf file. Quit Flash.

4) Open Firefox, log into your blog.

5) “Write,” tell us a little about your animation. Use Spell Check, then add Tags and a Category.

6) Click on the  “Add Video” icon in Edublogs (next to “Add Image.”) Then click on “Browser Uploader.”

7) Browse for the .swf file!!!!!! Upload the file.

8 ) Erase the title and put in what you want your link to say (Click here, Here is my animation, etc.)

9) “Insert into Post,” and “Publish!”

Click here to see a sample…