Your Fireworks Assessment

It is time for your Fireworks assessment!! Woo Hoo!

Your objective is to design either a book cover or an environmental poster that demonstrates everything you’ve learned from Lessons 1 through 6.

I’m looking forward to your creations!

Don’t forget to follow COPYRIGHT LAW as you design. That means:

  1. In Google Images, you must use the Search Tools. Usage rights: Noncommercial with Modification
  2. In Flickr, under License, choose Modifications Allowed.
  3. You can always use any of the websites you see on the right under “#2 Copyright OK Images/Music (Pixabay, NASA, Find Icons, Stockvault and Wikipedia are always good ones).


Source  - IX
Photo Credit: Hartwig HKD via Compfight

It’s a busy week!

Compositing The Creative Commons
Photo Credit: qthomasbower via Compfight

This week we’ll be learning more about copyright as we prepare for you to use your new blogs. We’ll also take some time to work on Lessons 4, 5 and 6. Hopefully by the end of the week you’ll be working on your blog set up.

Copyright this week: you’ll learn how some people do share their work, even though they don’t have to, and how you can find them!

This was the movie we used as an introduction to copyright made by Dr. Eric Faden–blocked at school, but you can see it at home.