Your Fireworks Assessment

It is time for your Fireworks assessment!! Woo Hoo!

Your objective is to design either a book cover or an environmental poster that demonstrates everything you’ve learned from Lessons 1 through 6.

I’m looking forward to your creations!

Don’t forget to follow COPYRIGHT LAW as you design. That means:

  1. In Google Images, you must use the Search Tools. Usage rights: Noncommercial with Modification
  2. In Flickr, under License, choose Modifications Allowed.
  3. You can always use any of the websites you see on the right under “#2 Copyright OK Images/Music (Pixabay, NASA, Find Icons, Stockvault and Wikipedia are always good ones).


Source  - IX
Photo Credit: Hartwig HKD via Compfight

Awesome Fireworks Tests!

Nice work to all! Students had to use all their skills in Fireworks to create either a book cover or an environmental poster. Then up it went on their blogs! Take a look by clicking on one of the tabs above (Blogs P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 or that hidden one which is P6). I’m very impressed, I hope you are too.

Period 1’s blogs (Yearbook Class) had a different assignment…they took photos of either an object important to them or themselves and they blogged about it in a variety of ways.

Congratulations on your Fireworks Tests!

Your projects are extremely creative and fun to grade. Nice work!

For any visitors, students have been learning how to use Adobe’s Fireworks program. Their projects are required to include all elements learned in Quarter 1, plus evidence of using at least 3 tools or effects they have not tried before. This picture is envisioned as a book cover. Therefore, students’ blog posts are a paragraph like those that can be found on book jackets…get us interested in reading your book.

Take a look at some sample images here, the “real thing” can be found by clicking on students’ blogs.

Period 1 projects

Period 2 projects

Sample images: