Enjoy our first animations!

As of May 15, Periods 1, 2, 3, 5 and most of 6 have uploaded their animations. Click on any period to the right and see how they did! This first project took us a good 3 weeks, but students worked really hard to understand layers, how to create a background and character, how the timeline works, and how to “tween.” Besides being required to create an animation that works, to receive 100%, students had to put their personality into their animation. Nice work! Period 4 will upload their work next week.

Uploading your .swf animation

1) Open Lesson 2, go to Scene 2 (“Cartoon by”) and remove your last name from your project.

2) “Save As” again to your folder…call it your first name + period #, ex., Brian1 or Cathya5. (This avoids files with the same name which caused us problems in period 1.)

3) In Flash, go “Control” to “Test Movie.” This creates your .swf file. Quit Flash.

4) Open Firefox, log into your blog.

5) “Write,” tell us a little about your animation. Use Spell Check, then add Tags and a Category.

6) Click on the  “Add Video” icon in Edublogs (next to “Add Image.”) Then click on “Browser Uploader.”

7) Browse for the .swf file!!!!!! Upload the file.

8 ) Erase the title and put in what you want your link to say (Click here, Here is my animation, etc.)

9) “Insert into Post,” and “Publish!”

Click here to see a sample…