Your first post!

Once you have set up your blog, it is time for you to write your first post.

*Remember to link to the website where you found your information. For example, if your URL was at BBC News, at the end of your post you should add a sentence like: My information is from BBC News. Highlight BBC News, and click on the link button. link

Paste in your URL. Your sentence should now look like this: My information is from BBC News. When you click the link, it should connect to your news story.

Here are some possible topics:

-Last week you did some research on one of these topics: the earthquake and tsunami in Samoa and Tonga, the earthquakes in Indonesia, or the typhoons in the Phillipines.

  • Give a summary of what you learned about the disaster, then answer any of the questions below. You should write an 8th grade level paragraph!
  • What are your thoughts about it?
  • How could we be prepared for a large earthquake?

-If you prefer, we have a new fire that started over the weekend. Do some research on the Sheep Fire and give us an update.

  • Summarize what is happening with the fire (or what happened).
  • What are your thoughts about it?
  • What should residents do to be prepared (like my parents)?

-If you want to write about something a little different from these questions, just ask me first.

*When you finish writing, read it one more time. Have the person sitting next to you read it also for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

*Add a category called “Class post”

*Add tags, or keywords, that describe what you wrote about, use at least two. (for example, if you wrote about the Indonesian earthquake you may use: Indonesia, earthquake, disaster

Your Opinion–Period 1

In your opinion, what issue is the most important in today’s world? Pick one of these three, then explain why you feel that way. If you believe another issue is more important than these three, please feel free to talk about it in your comment. Make sure you read others’ comments before you answer yourself. You can refer to other people’s comments if you want to.

Issue 1: Global Warming — The Arctic Ice this year is among the 3rd thinnest, the weather has been crazy. Do you think this is the most important issue facing our world? Why?


Issue 2: Health Care — Politicians have been fighting all summer over this. Should we have an option for a public health care system to help those who cannot afford health insurance? Do you think this is the most important issue in the fall of 2009? Why?


Issue 3: The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — We have been fighting in Iraq  since 2003, and we have been in Afghanistan since 2001 when we started searching for Osama bin Laden. Is this the most important issue facing us? Why?


Or… you may talk about another issue you feel is more important than these.


Period 1 First Comments

Welcome! Soon you will be designing and writing your own blog. This week, I’d like Period 1 to read and comment on this post. Here we go.

I know you are very aware that we have a new President! President Obama has been extremely busy these last few weeks working on getting an economic package passed by the House and Senate. You may also have heard that the economy is having problems. Can you comment please on what you have heard in the news, or from your family, or from school what you know about the problems the United States is facing with the economy.