Inspired by Sochi

FW Word art


After reading MANY stories about athletes at Sochi who have worked so hard to just get to the games, let alone win a medal, I made the graphic above in Fireworks. Some of the stories (just some) include:

Andrew Weibrecht & Bode Miller – Super G

Sage Kotsenburg  and Jamie Anderson– Slopestyle

Ice Dancing Rivalry (how both pairs improved each competition

Inspiring Moments from the Sochi Games – Washington Post

As you can imagine (being your teacher), I believe that you can apply these same ideals to whatever you do, whether it’s school, sports, music, writing…whatever aspect of your life you can imagine!

Also interesting: Practice Makes Perfect Infographic


You can make a similar graphic in Fireworks! (And yes, there are some websites like Wordle that make it a snap), however, you can make it yourself! Steps?

Draw a shape. Add your text. Use the scale, skew and distort tools to make your text fit.

If your shape has curves, use the Vector Path tool (look under the Pen Tool) to draw the curve, then attach your text to that path.

Once your text follows your shape, take off the stroke!