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July 25: Soccer competition has started. The U.S. women played France today.

Here is another good website with Olympic news: BBC London 2012

July 23: The London Olympic Games opens on Friday. Here’s one site where you can follow what is happening:

New York Times Olympics

Official website of the London Olympics For the next few days you can watch the torch relay live!

The U.S. section of the official website



July 23: Infographic: Mapquest uses its data to create a summertime travel infographic (via Daily Infographic)

July 22: Our thoughts are with the families in Colorado.

July 19: I took this image at Hermosa Beach! What a beautiful day.

However, today’s website takes a look at areas that the sun is baking this summer. This interactive map from NPR shows the areas of the United States that are in drought, where food crops are dying. This will effect YOU next year (food prices will go up). Scroll down to “Watch The U.S. Dry Out, Jan. 2011 to Now” and press play to see the situation we are in right now.


Here are some photos of the drought.