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Photo Credit: Ian T. McFarland via Compfight

1) Research a new technology. Use one of these websites to get you started:

2) Create a 30 second commercial advertising your technology using Movie Maker or Animoto -call me if you want to use Animoto, and I’ll get you a student account.

  • Use one of the 6 advertising techniques.

  • Include a slogan.
  • Collect the URLs of the images you use.

  • Add music!

  • When you finish your commercial, get the instructions from me in order to embed it in your blog.


3. If we don’t run out of time… blog about the technology.

  • Explain which advertising technique you used for your commercial. How are you trying to sell your product? This needs to be a full paragraph, so give details!
  • When you finish, you need to link the title of the article to the webpage it came from. Watch this video for directions:



This one is not a commercial, but it shows you what Animoto can do. Remember, ask me to make you a new account if you want this option!!

Crazy Valentine

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For your blog post...
Read about a recent scientific development or discovery.

There are some links below if you need to browse around and decide. Then…

1) Go to Google Classroom and let me know what your article is.

2) Go to Google Drive. Create a new Google Doc. Write up the rough draft of your summary. Turn it in to me in Google Classroom when you finish.

3) Once I’ve commented on your summary, you need to make corrections. Then you can copy it and paste it into a new blog post in Edublogs.

4)  Then embed a Voki to illustrate the main idea of what you learned from the article.

Here are some websites to help you get started: 

ScienceDaily - Updated several times a day with breaking news and feature articles, seven days a week, the site covers discoveries in all fields of the physical, biological, earth and applied sciences (medicine, health, brain, plants, animals, earth, climate, energy, computers, math, fossils, ruins)

Gizmag - Gizmag covers invention, innovation and emerging technologies in all fields

Green Technologies (cars, solar, wind, etc.) - GreenProgress.com

Space  - NASA News (space)

Sports  - Popular Mechanics Sports Science 

Live Science - Technology, Health, Earth, Space, and more…

Interested in the Earth or Animals? Look at the topics here under ARKive.

BBC Science & Environment


National Science Foundation Discoveries

Make sure you keep the URL of your article. Below are the websites you’ll use to embed the main idea in your blog post. See the handout for what you should include in your post.

Here’s a Voki example:

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Ocean Quote PicmonkeyI liked this quotation, and I realized it’s really similar to Neil Degrasse Tyson’s quotation I use in my tagline. So whether you have the stars in you, or whether you are the ocean in a drop, my New Year’s wish for you is to remember you are important and unique! And that’s wonderful!

Please follow the directions below.

After you have turned in your Google document, I’d like you to get an image from Pixabay. You can find a holiday image, a winter image, or a New Year’s image. Put it in your folder with the URL.

*Go to this link: PicMonkey
*Upload your image by clicking the “Edit” button, then Computer.


*Use the “Tt” to write a message, or add quotation, then use the different effects to customize your image. Try different items from this menu.

*When you finish, save it to your folder, then post it to your blog for our final message of 2014! (Don’t forget the URL.)

This was my original image:



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Sample Post

The first thing I coded was Google’s Christmas Tree Lights:

Made with Code Holiday Tree (1)

The second thing I tried was the Flappy Bird coding. Here is a copy of my code: (This is really Jasmine’s game from Period 1)

Flappy code

If you click here, you can play the game I created.


After you have added in your screenshots, and a link if you have it, please answer these questions (you can number them…and please answer in complete sentences):

  1. Which coding tutorial did you enjoy the most and why?
  2. What did you learn from the Hour of Code?
  3. If you could code a new program, game, or app, what would you create?

Done? Click off your Category, add Tags, add a Title. PUBLISH!!


What code did President Obama write? Click on this link to find out.



Do you want more advanced coding lessons? Try these:

Khan Academy

Scratch Tutorials

More links from Google

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Hour of Code

 Hour of Code

Wednesday and Thursday we’ll be participating in The Hour of Code with millions of other students!

1) Code the Google Christmas Tree

Other Google Code Projects

2) Hour of Code Website



Made with Code Holiday Tree (1)

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Free music sites

Silent Music Variation1
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Adrien Sifre via Compfight

You’ll need a 30 second piece of music for your soundtrack. Look around; take your time!

Royalty free music sites:


Free Play Music 

It looks like you have to register for this website, so after you find your song, let me know, and I’ll help you through the process.


Free Music Archive

Other Music Sites listed here – Creative Commons Music Community


After you download it, drag it from the Desktop of your computer to your folder.

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In the news this week



Lionel Messi is breaking more records!

He also was hit by a bottle last night after the game.

de dos en dos
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: manuel holgado via Compfight

We finally had rain on Sunday, with more coming on Tuesday!

Roll Tide Roll!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: sunsurfr via Compfight

Football news – Among the wins & losses, you’ll see that the St. Louis Rams showed their solidarity with the people of Ferguson.

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