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The MESSENGER spacecraft, launched in 2004, arrived at Mercury in 2011 to photograph the surface of the planet. Yesterday, MESSENGER ended operations — it crashed into the planet. The mission was only supposed to last until 2012, but since it was still operating, scientists guided it to lower and lower elevations, which resulted in the closest images ever of the planet. Unfortunately, that meant MESSENGER fell out of orbit and finally crashed yesterday.

To see images, click here!


Here is a video that shows a building collapsing during the earthquake. The magnitude was 7.8–huge, compared with our 3.4 earthquake yesterday.

Nepal earthquake

Image from USGS

If you would like more information, take a look at the images and videos at BBC News.

There is more information here as well.

If you go to this USGS link, you can see aftershocks north of India (zoom in).

Video from NBC News:


Here’s another from the second eruption: 

ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos

April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!


Image from Wikipedia

Congratulations, you have completed your blog set up!

The last part of set-up is to create and upload an avatar.

 Step 1: Create an avatar.

Link 1 -Doppleme (drag image to your server when you finish)

Link 2 – Portrait Illustration Maker

Link 3: My Blue Robot Avatar

myAvatar (1)myAvatar

Link 4: Anime Avatar Maker



Step 2: Upload your avatar to your blog – 2 places!

Log into your blog, then ask me for the direction sheet!


Finished? Work on Fireworks or try this website: Your Life on Earth

Welcome back!

We learned these symbols before Spring Break.

Today we’ll practice so you can learn where to find images you can use,

then we start you blogs and you’ll apply what you know!!

Copyright part 1

Смена 8M

Creative Commons License Alejo via Compfight

Session 1…

What is copyright and how does it apply to you?

We used these videos…(these are probably blocked here at school, but you can watch at home):

Dancing Baby

A Fairy Use Tale

…More to come next week!

Although I borrowed the image above, you can see I linked to the original source.

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