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Mars had a close encounter with a comet named Sliding Spring today (Sunday)! NASA had its orbiters hide from it, just in case it hit Mars or came too close!

For more information, click here.


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This week we learn how to use images in your blogs that follow copyright law.

Then we set up your blogs! Click on the words below to download the PowerPoint.

Image Portfolio – Right Click and “Save Link As”

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Today’s videos

If you need a link to the NOVA videos, click this sentence!

If you want to try the labs and games, here they are:

The Sun





the fog
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: alexcoitus via Compfight

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1) The U.S. and other countries continue bombing of the ISIS terrorist group.

2) There was a huge volcano explosion in Japan.

3) The Dodgers and Angels start their playoffs on Friday. , Thursday, the Angels take on either the As or the Kansas City Royals (this will be determined on Tuesday). The Dodgers play the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday.

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Climate Change

It’s now autumn, and our weather will start changing. Time to think about the world as a whole!

In New York, at the United Nations, the 2014 Climate Change Summit is being held. On Sunday, there was a protest with over 300,000 people asking governments to do something to combat climate change. Here’s another website: Climate Change NYC

Here are things we all can do to help our Earth: Take Action.

In California, we see the drought effects (which include wildfires).



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Ready for Take Off
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Alice via Compfight

From the National History Museum of London, see the photos awarded Wildlife Photographers of the Year. Incredible images! Click the links below for the images:

Adult awards for animal photography – click the “Lifebox” link to see full sized images

Young awards for animal photography – click the “Lifebox” link to see full sized images

Thank you Distractify for the link. Speaking of which, Distractify also looks like an awesome place to browse…how about Puppy Swarm?

One more animal site I enjoy is Arkive.

Let me know if you know of any good sites!


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This week’s stories



1) The Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, is putting on an awesome show right now in the northern reaches of Earth. It is connected to the solar flares, so I have linked to both below:

Aurora images: Washington Post

Solar Flares: Washington Post  This one has a video!

Here’s more on both stories from NBC News Science page.

2) This one’s silly: Photobombing cats

3) All electric car race…crashes just aren’t as bad! Mashable

4) The Navy’s new exoskeleton is amazing!

5) Check out the new iPhone 6 and iWatch.

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