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Image: 2014 FIFA World Cup – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Official FIFA Website


By the way, there are other big sports happenings!!


Image: Wikipedia

Spurs Win!


Image: Find Icons



Image: Wikipedia

The L.A. Kings win the cup!!

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For your blog post...
Read about a recent scientific development or discovery. Report about your findings in a blog post. Then embed a Voki to illustrate the main idea of what you learned from the article.

Here are some websites to look for your article:

Gizmag - Gizmag covers invention, innovation and emerging technologies in all fields

iTechFuture - Future technologies, gadgets, devices, green technology and more

Wired - Daily technology news

ScienceDaily - Updated several times a day with breaking news and feature articles, seven days a week, the site covers discoveries in all fields of the physical, biological, earth and applied sciences (medicine, health, brain, plants, animals, earth, climate, energy, computers, math, fossils, ruins)

BBC News/Technology - Technology news- worldwide

Green Technologies (cars, solar, wind, etc.) - CNET Green Tech and GreenProgress.com

Space Technology - NASA Technology

Sports Technology - Popular Mechanics Sports Science 

Live Science

NASA News (space)

BBC Science & Environment


National Science Foundation Discoveries

Make sure you keep the URL of your article. Below are the websites you’ll use to embed the main idea in your blog post. See the handout for what you should include in your post.

Here’s a Voki example:

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8th grade students, here is the link for the high school lists: UC Doorways


Here is the link to the list of classes University of California A-G Guide. I also printed this out- it’s on your tables.

Custom Graduation Bot
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Jenn and Tony Bot via Compfight

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This is a sample for Period 5:


I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, and I have heard that Perth is a nice place to visit. I did some research, and found some interesting things out about Perth. Use the Thinglink below to check out this city.

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Create an Avatar

After you finish setting up your blog, you may create and upload an avatar.

Step 1: Create an avatar.

Link 1 -Doppleme (drag image to your server when you finish)

Link 2 – Portrait Illustration Maker (click download, it will go to your Desktop, then drag to your server)


Step 2: Upload your avatar to your blog – 2 places!

Log into your blog, then ask me for the direction sheet!

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Welcome back!

Here we go! Let’s have a great end of the school push!



7th graders, you are about to finish your Fireworks lessons and will soon create an assessment showcasing all your skills. You’ll start learning about copyright, and your new blogs are ready for you to set them up. Lots to do!

8th Grade Tech, you’ll be working on your Thinglinks the first week, then we’ll move into projects that will help you get ready for high school!

Yearbook, congratulations, we did it! We’ll be reflecting this week, then we’ll work on projects similar to the 8th Grade Tech class. High school is around the corner, let’s finish 8th grade as the fantastic students I know you are!

(By the way, I had fun creating the graphic above using the Recite This website.)

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NASA is collecting selfies from around the world on April 22nd. If you remember, take a selfie outside (with something in nature behind you), holding a sign telling where you are

NASA’s directions from the Earth Right Now webpage:

Post your photo to Twitter, Instagram or Google+ using the hashtag #GlobalSelfie, or post it to the #GlobalSelfie event page on Facebook or the #GlobalSelfie group on Flickr. You can also join the #GlobalSelfie Google+ event page.

NASA’s goal is to create an image of the Earth using the selfies taken on Earth Day. It will be published in May. (Make sure you tag them #GlobalSelfie)

You can make your own sign to hold up or you can print a sign here. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can download it.)

Holy Tree
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Billy Wilson via Compfight

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